About Us

About us:

Cibus Direct is your first thought when thinking of buying imported Italian foods in the US as we are your Italian grocery store. Our vast experience of delivering and importing food products in the US expands to a total of 20 years now. We initiated this service online with the idea of delivering day to day safe and trustable service of online food shopping.

We provide delicious imported gourmet products directly to all of the Italian food lovers. We started in the US with the initiative to let everyone living in the states to savor on the Italian cuisine that is sure to make anyone drool. We make sure our extensive varieties meet your expectations feeling that you are eating authentic meal even when your far away from home or even when you are in the US.

As we bring to you all the hard cheeses like parmigiano reggiano, grana padano, provolone and caciocavallo. When it comes to pasta we sell different cuts of pasta like, spaghetti, penne, tagliatelle and even the gluten free pasta from well known company named, Divella.

We offer as well extra virgin olive oil,truffle oil, kosher salt. When it comes to vegetable preserves we have castelvetrano olives, bella di cerigonola olives, carciofi and all sorts of beans like lentils and peas.Lets us not forget the biggest producers of proscuitto  in Italy named Martelli. They have proscuitto di parma and proscuitto cotto. Many people in the US struggle to get the healthiest and the most authentic supply of Italian food products, and we are here to tackle this issue. Since we started this company, we have got several customers to be highly thankful for our services for letting them enjoy the Italian foods without a thought of them being any less in quality, hygiene and quality.

We are not just delivering any Italian cuisine to the people of the US but are delivering the best and top-notch food products that are known as branded in Italy. We have in our Italian supermarket all the extensive lists of imported food items that are famous for their high-quality food products. We are seeing people trying to reconnect to their roots back in their homeland in Italy, and we can help but be there for them with the Italian food products.

Taste has a very strong relation with memory. Hence, when Italian people living in the States try our imported food products, they get connected back to their origins in a tasty fashion. By having us in your contact list, you won't have to struggle to get the most authentic Italian foods in the US. We are very thrilled and always excited to serve our customers with the very best and let them enjoy the wisps of Italian aroma living in the states.

What can be better than munching on your favorite food product without a second thought of it not being high quality (or any less in hygiene? )???? NOT APPROPRIATE….Let us be your best providers of Italian cuisine and leave upon us how we will deliver to you through our high end, extensive Italian food online deliver to your home. As we are only online right now, we have our entire focus on making our services better and better each day.

We are active in our customer service platforms and are actively receiving your feedback. We will be there for you to soothe your craving for Italian foods anytime, anywhere! Let us be your first source for Italian foods, and we will not let you go to sleep without having anything Italian that you desire and not also to munch on Italian foods that are any less than the top-notch ones. We are constantly improving the list of our products and are also adding new Italian products that are authentic in our online store. So the more you hang on with us, the more Italian food options you will keep getting! Rest assured that as your Italian supermarket, we will bring you new Italian products that comes out in Italy to our store so you will not feel missed out. You will always feel like home away from home.

-CibusDirect Team-