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Product page:

Cibus Direct is your Italian grocery store that carries a brand that is known for its top quality and high-end products when it comes to Italian food products. Many people are munching on their favorite Italian foods through our services, and we take pride in it. We have listed all of the big Italian food brands that are known for their top food products. The companies and brands we bring product form are the top ones in Italy and hence are our top picks while choosing what to bring to the US food dish. 


We have all the famous brands in Italy; for example, the second-largest Italian pasta company in Italy, i.e., Pasta Divella, is our supplier of pasta. The biggest manufacturers of hard cheese in north Italy are Latteria Soresina, and likewise, we have it as our supplier of hard cheese. We are not letting people wait for ages for their favorite foods to reach them. We are assisting people in grasping the food choices they always wanted to enjoy living in the US. Following is the list of brands we are having on board as the chain of suppliers:


  • Latteria Soresina

 The Latteria Soresina has a centuries-old history, where tradition joins with the most present-day technologies. An Italian story that has passed on the affection for cows and their milk from age to age. Latteria Soresina was established in 1900 as a helpful for preparing the milk created by its members and in light of the squeezing need to fashion a strong relationship among farmers and milk makers. This indistinguishable bond has prompted the organization getting one of the principle major parts in the preparing and offer of this product 


Right now, there are around 200 individuals in representation by the farms delivering the milk handled by Latteria Soresina. The agreeable model spoke to and still speaks to the most appropriate structure for changing this intent into training. In reality, mutuality between the individuals is solid—the cooperative deals with any issues that could influence the individual farm. We have seen people searching for Latteria Soresina a lot on the online queries, and hence we have it listed on our online store to let our clients have easy access to this Italian cuisine product.


  • Martelli:

Martelli is at the moment sourcing the world's top-quality semolina that is rich in protein content. Semolina is thick flour with durum wheat that produces pasta with texture and exceptional flavor. Martelli is a company that produces authentic Asian pasta that is high-quality protein semolina. This semolina is bronze extruded and is slowly dried in low temperatures. The flavor and texture of this semolina are superior. It is spaghetti that contains prosciutto and all meat in a thinly sliced fashion. It is also highly liked among people who like eating Italian foods. The spaghetti by Martelli is handmade pasta that is a bronze cut and air-dried spaghetti that gives a very tasty texture in any sauce. The addition of meat and prosciutto makes Martelli a very healthy dish to eat, and hence we have got it on our list of products we import to the US. 


  • Pietro coricelli

Pietro Coricelli extra virgin olive oil debuted on Italian tables in 1939, in Spoleto, in the heart of Umbria. A passion for genuine tastes, handed down from generation to generation, that has always seen family members involved, side by side, in the management of the company. Today, Pietro Coricelli is one of the main oil producers in Europe, and it exports to more than 110 Countries in the world, making it one of the most distributed Italian brands worldwide.

For over 70 years, we have been bringing to your table all the quality and safety of our branded products thanks to an unbroken tradition, made of genuine  flavors, as well as great professional competence and advanced technology. Our mission is to promote olive oils and the tastes and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on guaranteeing processes, products and services of excellence, adopting the highest quality standards applicable to food companies. Furthermore, in order to safeguard the territory and its traditions we operate in full respect of the environment and the community, promoting sustainable growth. We are the first Italian oil producer to have put in place, since 2010, a social and environmental responsibility project, in order to reduce CO2 emissions in its plants.

Our mission is to promote olive oils and the tastes and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine throughout the world. It is an extra virgin oil used in making Italian dishes and is derived from the Mediterranean Basin and has major health benefits. It is one of the most bought and distributed Italian brands. We have it in our store for people of the US.


  • Antica Salina

This is a salt that is used for cooking Italian dishes. It is a salt that adds so much taste to the dishes and you can have it on our online website. It contains the trace elements found in the sea like magnesium and iodine. It has nutritional health benefits containing calories and carbs.





  • Divella

Ah, whole wheat Divella pasta is such a heaven. For a long time, Divella has been among the most significant makers of pasta on the planet, continually sharing the normal Apulian values of goodness and validity. Their durum wheat semolina pasta is delivered with durum wheat semolina developed in Italy and EU and non-EU nations ground in Italy. 


Custom, experience, and innovation are the fundamental elements of their creation that promote the right eating regimen and sound standards of Mediterranean eating regimen all through the world. 


They are offering a wide scope of items, for example, pasta, new pasta, treats, and pastry shop items. Complete the offer prepared tomatoes, olive oil, flour and semolina, vegetables, rice, and numerous different items. Consistently, you can animate your imagination in the kitchen with such a large number of the fixings that will give that additional flavor to your dishes. Find the entirety of their plans through Cibus Direct and let your taste buds set out on a movement.


  • Iposea:

Active and in business for more than 80 years in the canned food part, IPOSEA is situated in the heart of Puglia, in Cerignola, in the region of Foggia. After quite a long time after each year, the organization has gladly kept up its family the executives, giving itself simultaneously an advanced and administrative structure, in order to vanquish progressively significant situations on ever-extending markets.


 Indeed, even today, the fourth era of the Masiello family - beneficiary to the organizer - actually deals with the Sales and Production Departments, while the Administrative Department is dependent on authorities. Incredible consideration is paid to the Production Management, which controls both the Analysis and Research Laboratory and the Control/Quality Laboratory—linked to its domain. Since 1927, Iposea has carried the genuine kind of Puglia to the table, passing on the enthusiasm for beneficial things for four ages. We at Cibus Direct are all in action to bring in the healthiest treats of Italian food cuisine, i.e., Iposea.


  • Di Mauro

We all love this spaghetti. In any event, when you can have your pick of any pasta shape on the planet, now and again, you simply desire spaghetti, a definitive Italian comfort food. Keep a parcel of Di Mauro spaghetti available, and you're never in excess of a couple of moments from a lovely carbonara with guanciale and pecorino, an umami-packed dish of pasta with colatura, or a basic pureed tomatoes with new basil and shaved Parmigiano. The hard durum semolina flour used to make Spaghetti Di Mauro is 100% Italian semola di Grano Duro. 


Di Mauro pasta is considerably more than only a dried vehicle for sauce. What makes Di Mauro pasta outstanding is the taste - the hearty kind of value wheat - and its delightful thickness. It very well may be enjoyed in with only a sprinkle of olive oil, yet make certain to cook it still somewhat firm! You can enjoy this meal anywhere now in the US by contacting the deliverers.


  • Monte Castello

Monte Castello is a company known for its high values and extreme attention to not wasting food products. The food products by Monte Castello are well known for their high-quality conditions and taste that allures everyone. They cultivate the products with proper research and have pulses and grains that are full of nutrition. They also have soups to provide the eaters with the protein intakes they should have in cold winter months. You can enjoy the steaming dishes by Monte Castello right at your table in the US. Cibus Direct is all set to let our customers enjoy products by Monte Castello.


We offer discounts for people who are buying from us the very first time. You can even get a refund and also get rewards from us by signing up with us on social media, and that is just it. You can keep winning different rewards as per how much you are spending on it. Our authentic Italian products are our pride in producing and brining Italian food products that are tasty to an end. You can get all these Italian dishes by having a grocery delivery online. We would be highly glad to see people in the US enjoying their favorite meals from our lists.


  • Paoletti:

Paoletti is a traditional food item in Italy that is often served with fine meals. Paoletti is served before the meal as a wine that is both delicious and high end in texture. It is a vintage wine-producing winery that took its start in 1994 and is owned by Gianni and Lilia Paoletti. This wine is light and fruity and is available at Cibus Direct for our US friends to enjoy at home in the US.


  • Molini Certosa:

The Molini Certosa came into existence when four mills got into union. The headquarter was made in Certosa di Pavia where there was a medieval mill once. Due to the advancements in technology, all the processes in Molini Certosa are automated and produce a fine production of flours. The Molini Certosa products are used by a lot of national and European food producers. They are producing high-end products that are used in bakeries and other companies for producing different dishes.