Who We Are

Who we are:

We are importers of Italian foods to the US and have been in business for almost 15 years. We are currently selling to distributors, and these distributors then sell to different industries like restaurants, retail stores like supermarkets or sell to full services like catering and others. We are extending out our services to sell to people directly and let our consumers access our products online.ย 

We have a strong relationship with all the suppliers in Italy. We take these products from there and export them to the US to let our consumers enjoy the Italian cuisines at their finest. We keep a strong checking curriculum of the quality and products in manufacturing sites every two years.

We maintain an auditing system not to let the quality drop. We make sure that all the manufacturing sites we are getting the food products supplied from have the high standards as per our quality measures. This quality of our working systems sets us apart from the rest of our competitors. We make sure that we have strong contact with suppliersย  and we treat each other as one family and also keep a link with the manufacturing sites of the food products.

We are setting in more effort in keeping a check on quality because we want our customers to have the best quality and taste of Italian food products. We also see how our suppliers are producing the food and how they interact with their employees and what standards they maintain in their production houses. Our quality check and balance makes us the most distinct Italian food suppliers in the US thus became your Italian grocery store online.

We started basically as an importing company and had no plans of extending out directly to customers. But based on our vast experience and the love we have been receiving from our end customers, we have thought to branch out. Branch out to reach our end users to ensure more safety and quality of food products they are getting. We are branching out our business to consumers and want Italian cuisine to reach people more safely.

We have operated in New York for 15 years, and now is the prime time to get a direct touch with the clients thus the Italian grocery store came to birth. We decided to open Italian food online storeย  so we get the ability to access all cities like New York, Houston, Oklahoma City, Nashville, San Antonio, Los Angeles and all parts of the US.

Our services are going to be exemplary in this new venture as well. We will make sure that our clients get the very best, and they do not get any less than the top quality they expect from us. We want people of the US to enjoy the topmost variety of foods in Italian cuisine thru our italian supermarket. We love what we do, and we have a great love for letting people enjoy the best of the best they can have in the Italian food lists. When are you going to order your first Italian food product from us?